(Version 0.70 - 696k Zip file)
This software will only run on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems This application was developed to suit my own needs. No undertaking is given as to the suitability for your use, which is entirely at your own risk. This applications is released as CAREWARE, which means that if you find it useful and use it regularly, then please give a donation to a registered charity of your choice.
TimeSheet is a small application which records the time spent on a project. A separate TimeSheet file can be kept for any number of projects. The time spent on up to 10 individual Tasks within a Project can be recorded. You can also monitor how the time spent compares with your original estimates of the time required for each task. If you don't need the tasks details, you could have just one file with each Task being a whole Project. When an existing TimeSheet file is loaded a window opens showing the times spent so far on each Task and the total for all the Project. The full history file can be displayed on screen as plain text; for editing or copying.
Click on this button to download the application When downloaded, the Zip file can be opened to show a Read Me file, which contains installation instructions, together with an automatic Application Installer.